Learn to Hoop with One-on-one Private Instruction

If you are in Boston, MA or the surrounding area and you are interested in in-person private lessons, please submit a request for more information here

If you would like to receive online hoop instruction via Skype Lessons, click on the "Book now!" button below to be directed to our scheduling page. Continue for instructions on how to use our scheduling service.

Pricing for Skype Lessons:

1hr Lesson: $25

4x1hr Lessons: $80

5x1hr Lessons: $100

How to schedule a Skype Lesson:

  1. On the schedule page, click on the calendar icon next to "Choose a date"
  2. Choose the date you wish to schedule; You are only able to schedule dates highlighted in green
  3. There is only one option for both "Choose Service" and "Choose Instructor"
  4. You will see the date you chose along with the following three available dates and their available time frames
  5. Click "choose" to select your desired date/time frame
  6. A window with available time-slots will appear
  7. Choose an available time-slot
  8. When you are done selecting all appointments click "confirm appointments"
  9. The service will walk you through registration and payment
  10. At the time of payment, you can choose a package deal or redeem a gift certificate